May the art be with you.

Ahmet Arslan’s life journey began on July 7, 1992, in Antalya, one of the most picturesque cities in the Mediterranean, and has been continuing his journey in Helsinki since 2016. While he was earning a living by providing delicious cuisine for the community and dealing with the difficulties of starting over in a completely new culture, he found peace in painting and began to depict his viewpoint on life on the canvas.

He is a self-taught artist with no formal training in painting, and the difficulties of life have taught him how to depict what is happening to the “inner Arslan” on the canvas in a distinctive way. He prefers to improvise when creating his paintings and typically employs acrylic and oil paint. He wants viewers to relate to the emotions he portrays on paint and to feel the same emotions that perhaps many others do but are too shy to express verbally. He wants to use art to create a silent conversation amongst appreciating people and to tell his experience through his brushstrokes.

He established a little atelier for himself so that he could be completely covered in artistic materials and never-ending inspiration since he had dreams so ardent that he could no longer contain them within the house. He believes that at this point, it is appropriate to emerge from his cocoon and enlarge his “handprint” to a larger cluster.

May the art be with you!